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    The club newsletter will include information on upcoming events, current games, recent meetings, etc.  Members are welcomed to submit article to the newsletter.  Articles may include events from campaigns, but may not simply relate the events of the last session.  Requested are articles from ongoing campaigns.  If such articles are submitted a format of "The armies of (insert character's name here) were badly defeated at the Battle of Such and Such" would be preferred to "(Player's name here) rolled badly."  Of course, if the main action of the day was that which occurred ~around~ the table rather than ~on~ it, then articles about players actions will also be accepted.
     Classified advertisements requesting players are free.
There may be a charge to purchase the newsletter, to defray copy costs.
They will be available at Norm's Hobby.  A free newsletter will be available for
reading here as well as a physical copy at Norm's Hobby.