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      Minutes for the Meeting of April 7

Michicon '99
      The latest information as of this writing

      Battle in the Rhineland

      The Dragon Roars

      Battletech/ MechWarrior

      The Southern Cross Saga

War of Liberation
      Coming in July

Magic, the Gathering
      The latest information about the past tournament and what's coming up.

      Or "What happened on April 3"

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Editorial Policy

Snippets will publish articles by SNIP members.  Wanted are articles about events, about games, about gaming, about anything of interest to the members of the club. 
Articles that I do not feel are of publishable quality will be edited, or rewritten if necessary.  If you disagree with this, mention that with your submission. Please have articles to me, Chris, at, one week before the meeting date.  The next meeting will be May 5, so articles should be in by April 28.