Volume No. 001   Issue No. 002   March 1999

Inside this Newsletter
Meeting minutes for the meeting of March 3. 1999.

Magic, the gathering
Latest information on the in store tournament, and a St. Paddy's Day event.
Running the shadows has always been dangerous, but lately....

BattleDerby Mech race
SNIP's first official event.

This Newsletter
Who can submit what, and how.

The Purpose of SNIP
For those who haven't heard it all before.

The SNIP Constitution
Members, please read this before the next meeting.

If your not going to learn from your mistakes, why bother
making them?
                                                        - Anon

The March 3 meeting of SNIP Wargamers came to order at 7:15.  Minutes of the last meeting were read.  Short since the
last meeting had been canceled.  The treasures report was interesting as there was neither treasurer not treasury.  The
purpose of SNIP was explained with all questions being answered fully.  The organization of SNIP was explained.
Acceptance of the organizational basis was put to a vote of all present with a show of hands.  The organizational basis of
SNIP was accepted unanimously.

    Being accepted that a constitution is necessary it was arranged that a constitutional committee would meet
Thursday, March 4, 2:00, at Norm's Hobby.  Any who wished to attend would be welcome.  This decision was put to a raised
hand vote and passed unanimously.
    The subject of dues was brought to the table and discussed.  A suggestion of $1.00 a month or $10.00 per year was put
forth, and supported by all.  Also suggested was that some of the dues would go to the purchase of a SNIP Library, as well
as to support the functions of the organization.  This suggestion was also met with full support.  Another suggestion
was put forth to require a charge for certain SNIP events.  This suggestion was tabled for the time and a vote called on
accepting the suggested rate of dues.  A raised hand vote was taken and the suggested dues rate was accepted.
    The subject of the SNIP newsletter was brought to the table.  General agreement said that the acting secretary / newsletter
editor would continue in both positions until elections for club positions occurred.  There was no vote on this subject.  A
suggestion was put forth that the newsletter be free to club members with a minimal charge for those outside the club.  A
second suggestion was a five cent per page charge to all, and a third suggestion was a ten cent per page charge to all.  After
discussion a vote was taken adopting the suggestion of a ten cent per page charge for the newsletter with half the money
covering the costs of the newsletter and the other half going into the club treasury.
    Club events were then discussed.  A general agreement was made to try to sponsor one event each month.  While many
suggestions remain on the table for later in the year it was agreed that the first club sponsored even would be a
BattleMech race.  This was scheduled for Saturday, April 17 at Norm's Hobby.  This even will be free and open to all who
wish to enter.  Event coordinators are Justin Bentley, Shane Smith, and Norm LaBarge.
    A call was put forth as to who would like to be on the list for the position of chairman.  As Seth Cueny was the only person
to step forward, he was awarded the ceremonial scissors and named as Incoming Chair.  His first order of business was to
announce that the April 7 meeting will not begin until 7:30.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:45. 

Magic, the Tournament
Norm LaBarge

    Decks for the tournament must be registered by March 17.  No one may see anyone else's deck list until their own deck is
registered.  Elimination rounds will begin as soon as all decks are registered.  Norm will post the play-off chart as soon as it
is prepared.
    In honor of St. Paddy's Day, Wednesday, March 17 will be a "Green Deck Only" Magic night.  Decks can contain nothing
other than green commons.

Running the shadows has always been dangerous, but lately..........
Justin Bentley

    If you think the world got messed up back in the awakening, you ain't seen nothin' yet, chummer.  Welcome to 2080.  The
shamans were in for a real shocker a few years ago when all their spirits started evolving.  Now there are two sects of
spirits, collectively known as "Angels" and "Demons".
    The angels seek to guide the masses, while the demons seek to rule, for in their eyes, they are superior in every way.  The
two groups are currently locked in a power struggle of mammoth proportions, each side using their followers to do
their bidding as pawns.
    As if that weren't enough, two alien races have started a war with earth and each other at the same time.  These races have
far superior technology, in the form of biocybernetic battle suits known as biogears.  A number of these suits have come
into the possession of angel and demon groups.
    And who is there to protect the masses, and reap the profits in the meantime?
The shadowrunners.

BattleDerby Mech Race
Shane Smith

Saturday, April 17, 1999
1:00 P.M.
Norm's Hobby

What is it?  Battle Derby is a race around a track using Battletech Mechs.  Custom mechs are not allowed, and
pregenerated FASA mechs will be available for play.  The track will not be a simple oval, and will have varying terrain.
For example, there might be a paved sharp turn, so that you have to slow down or risk skidding.  Or there might be a series
of tight turns in a swamp.  You can shoot at other mechs after turn 3.

How do you win?  You are either the first one to complete all he laps, or are the only one left standing that can still move.

How do I sign up?  Go to Norm's Hobby, and tell either Chris or Norm, "I want to play in the mech race,"  and they'll sign
you up. 

This Newsletter
Christine LaBarge
The club newsletter will include information on recent meetings, upcoming events, the status of on-going events, the
results of past events, and anything else of interest to SNIP club members.
    Only members of SNIP may submit articles to the newsletter.  As the editor has better things to do than spend all her time
typing, submissions must be electric, either in text format on a floppy, or as an email submission.  (
Graphic submissions should be submitted as bitmap, or submitted to the club publisher (He has a scanner, I don't).
Requested are articles from on-going campaigns.  Preferred would be articles written in the format of "The armies of the
Great Roman Republic easily vanquished the invading hoards." to those written in the format of "Joe set the hoards
against Bill, but Bill just got better rolls on the dice."  Of course, if the main action of the day was that which occurred around the table rather than on it, those articles will be accepted as well.
    Classified advertisements can be included in Snippets as well.  Those requesting players will always be free.  Advertisements
seeking to purchase or sell will be charged for placement. Copies of Snippets will be available at Norm's HOBBY for a
cost of ten cents per page.  It will also be available for viewing at the SNIP Wargamers web site.

Purpose of SNIP
Shane Smith

SNIP is a group of wargamers, board gamers, card gamers, and strategy gamers that gather together for non-gaming as
well as gaming functions.  It provides gamers with a means of meeting other local gamers, and of finding players through our
newsletter.  After all, without gaming clubs, there would still be gaming.  The purpose of gaming is to have fun, and if you're
not having fun, then why be gaming?  SNIP provides a means of having fun that does not exclusively require gaming.  It is
important for gamers to get to know each other as people, not just as fellow gamers.  SNIP provides the means for this to

SNIP Constitution
Christine LaBarge

    A constitutional committee met at Norm's Hobby at 2:00, Thursday, March 4.  The committee consisted of the Incoming
Chairman, Seth Cueny, the standing treasurer, Norm LaBarge, the standing club publisher, Shane Smith, and the standing
secretary, Christine LaBarge.  The following is what was produced by that meeting.

PREAMBLE See "Purpose of SNIP" above.

Council of SNIP:
SNIP shall be run by a committee as a whole, hereafter referred to as the Council.  The position of Chairman is a
rotating position. The primary responsibilities of the Chairman are to accomplish everything on the agenda, and to keep
order during meetings.  The Chairman cannot vote during meetings, except in the event of a tied vote.  The position of
Chairman rotates among those club members who have an interest in the position.  The next Chairman is appointed as
the last order of business at each meeting.

Unless specifically noted, elected officials cannot chair meetings. Club members may not be elected to more than one
position.  Officials are elected by a simple majority, and can be removed by a 2/3 majority of all members.

This is an annually elected position. A minor may not be elected to the position of President, in the event that they are
needed to countersign checks.  The President is the official representative of SNIP, providing a point of contact for
communications and dealings with outside groups.  The president will chair meetings if the current Chairman cannot

This is an annually elected position. The Secretary keeps the minutes of the meetings, and edits the newsletter.  The
secretary also assists in moderating the SNIP maillist.

This is an annually elected position. A minor may not be elected to the position of treasurer.  The club Treasurer will
handle club funds, The treasurer is also responsible for maintaining a list of current members, to be made available to
the Secretary, SNIP Council, and Club Publisher.

Club Publisher:
This is an annually elected position.  The Club Publisher, a.k.a. the Keeper of SNIP, is responsible for maintaining the
club website, as well as publishing any flyers for club events.  The Club Publisher also assists in moderating the SNIP

A Special Events Coordinator may be elected by the Council to coordinate any Club events that require a separate position
to coordinate.
The Council may create new positions as needed by a 2/3 majority vote of all members.
Agenda for Meetings:
The agenda for club meetings shall be determined by the outgoing Chair, the incoming Chair, and the Secretary.  Any
club member may submit items to be added to the agenda to any of these officers.

If something comes up that cannot wait for a regular meeting, there will be an emergency meeting of officers, including both
the incoming Chair and outgoing Chair.  There will be at least 24 hours notice of this meeting posted through the mail list, as
well as at club headquarters.

All SNIP members can vote.  Voting may be conducted by an on-line poll, with 50% +1 members required for the vote to
count.  Written votes can be given to any current member to be turned in at the next meeting, and will be included in the
count at that time.

General Membership:
The only requirement to become a member of SNIP is to pay the dues.  The dues shall be $1 a month, or $10 a year.
Members have 30 days to pay their dues, and may maintain their membership status for up to 30 days after their dues
expire.  These two grace periods may NOT be combined.  Any member who allows their membership to expire will be
required to pay their dues BEFORE regaining membership.
Minors may be withdrawn by a parent or legal guardian from SNIP, at which time, such members shall be reimbursed the
membership dues proportional to the amount of time elapsed.
Any member who chooses to withdraw from SNIP shall be reimbursed the membership dues proportional to the amount
of time elapsed.  Members who chose to withdraw from SNIP will be required to pay dues BEFORE regaining membership.
Members may be removed from SNIP only by a 2/3 vote of all members.

Ratification and Amendment of Constitution
The constitution can be ratified only by a 2/3 majority vote of all members.
This constitution may be amended with a 2/3 majority vote of all club members.