Volume No. 001   Issue No. 001   February 1999

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I would like to start a Shadowrun campain by March 20. Beginners are welcome. I haven't been playing Shadowrun very long either so beer with me. Experienced player will have new surprises too, beeause I am using a lot of my own rules.
         -Justin Bentley
Inside this Newsletter
Meeting Minutes for the meeting of February 3, 1999.

Magic, the tournament
Latest information on the in store tournament, and information about the next tournament.

"Someone's got to keep some damn perspective around here!"
   -Cmdr. Susan Ivanova, Babylon 5
SNIP's first official meeting, which was on February 3, 1999, ended almost as soon as it had begun.  Due to the illness running rampant through Mount Pleasant and environs, of the many people who expressed an interest in SNIP, only three actually showed up.  The official meeting was then cancelled due to lack of quorum.

The next meeting is scheduled for March 3, 1999, 7:00 pm.

Preliminary Agenda:
Purpose of SNIP
Club Organization/Constitution
Membership dues
Possible Club Events

Unofficially, so that all know, the SNIP web page is up and running, thanks to Shane Smith.  The URL is http://members.tripod.com/~SNIPWargamers.

Magic, the Tournament
The Norm's Hobby in store Magic tournament is winding down. Once rankings have been determined, players will have to play ONE registered deck through the eliminations. Players should begin registering their decks Monday, March 1.

An open question from Norm for all interested Magic players is what format should the next tournament have. How many would like a return to Arena, how many would like to have an in store tournament, of"' whatever format, sanctioned by DCI, and how many would like to keep things as they were for the current tournament? Basically, the choices would be:

2.Sanctioned Classic
3.Sanctioned Sealed Deck
4.Independant Classic
5.Independant Sealed Deck
6.Forget the tournaments